Feeling a bit creaky?

Discover the benefits of our wellbeing services.

How does DeskClinic work?

DeskClinic has been developed by internationally renowned physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists whose expertise comes from backgrounds in sport, business and academic research.

They have crafted detailed self-assessment questionnaires which allow instant access personalised help from your desktop or phone. It’s the quick, easy and hassle-free way to treat your physical and mental health needs.

If you have a physical or emotional health concern

Complete our targeted questionnaire and receive a unique functional fitness score (FSCA)

Receive a personalised rehabilitation programme with online videos and self-help service

If necessary, book an appointment directly with one of our local therapists to resolve your problem

The Road to Recovery

Just opening up the app on your desktop or phone means that you’ve taken the first step. Answer some simple questions about your particular injury or issue and you will be given personalised advice on the severity of the problem and what your next steps should be.

This will include personalised advice for self-treatment and if necessary a referral to one of our specialists who can work with you to treat your specific problem.

Just What You Need

We have an extensive library of self-help videos and articles covering all areas of wellbeing. This includes videos explaining how to improve your posture, articles giving advice on your diet, and exercises to relax your mind.

We also have a national network of highly recommended and experienced practitioners who can provide the optimal treatment to suit you, whenever and wherever it’s convenient.


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