Blood Sugar and Diet

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is a very important part of avoiding long-term health issues, managing your weight and feeling good. 

Blood Sugar and Diet

Why is it important to maintain blood sugar levels?

People with diabetes need to be especially careful to maintain steady blood sugar levels, but those without diabetes should also follow healthy lifestyle habits and focus on maintaining healthy blood sugar to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. 

Blood sugar (glucose) is obtained from the food we eat. We need enough glucose to fuel the cells, but not enough to overload the bloodstream. The blood’s internal environment must remain stable to support vital bodily functions.

How can DeskClinic help?

Desk Clinic can provide you with tailored meal plans and advice on how to manage a balanced diet and maintain blood sugar levels in a healthy range. This includes eating fewer refined carbohydrates, more fibre and getting sufficient minerals such as chromium and magnesium. 


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