Ergonomic Workstation

Spending 8 hours a day at an incorrectly set up
workstation can lead to chronic pain and MSK issues.

How can DeskClinic help?

Do you sit at your desk for hours every day? Do you suffer from back pain, neck ache or poor posture? Or do you want to be sure that your workspace isn’t causing long term harm to your body? 

Sitting for extended periods of time whilst working on a computer can put unnecessary strain on your body. Ergonomics reinvents the workspace to suit you. 

Under health and safety law your employer is required to ensure that your workspace is set up to minimise health risks. This will also prevent absences caused by chronic pain and MSK issues. We can help you to use this benefit to look after your body long term. Working with your needs, we will set up a workspace perfectly suited to your body which will reduce MSK issues and optimise your productivity at work. 

Our online self-assessment helps you to identify areas of need and any potential MSK issues that could arise from your current set up. We will direct you to videos and tutorials which will show you how you can make your workspace fit you. 

If necessary we can identify where more in-depth assessments are required and provide face-to-face interventions at your desk. These will include a follow up appointment to ensure ongoing effectiveness.



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