Phys BT

Our innovative therapeutic method that works on a whole body level to solve health problems.

Physical Behavioural Therapy

Phys BT is a way of using basic exercises to influence mood and mental health

Research has shown that there is a link between Heart rate, exercise and mental performance e.g. being hyperactive, choking, tightening up, fatigue. Some people tend to overreact and some people underreact to certain behavioural stressors. 

PBT is used to assess your tendency to over or under react to these behavioural stressors/reactions e.g. stress, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, phobias such as public speaking and heights as well as challenges in daily life.

The response produced is a reflex set by daily life however it is trainable. PBT uses 6 sets of exercise per session, with 3 sessions a week for a 3-week period. You will get immediate and longer term improvements measured by PBT indicators, PBT will also help you train your reflexes to cope better with the stressor you are faced with. These four factors include RAS index, Overshoot, Cognitive interference, Recovery index and Mental wellness index.

RAS index: A measure of how a person tends to respond to challenging situations.

1. The effect of day to day activity on your autonomic responses/stressors.
2. Measures a person’s tendency to over react or need to be geared up when entering challenging situations. 


A measure of heart rate variability and indication of characteristics of neural plasticity and mental interference.

Cognitive interference:

A measure which identifies the effect of conscious thought patterns on clear thinking and automatic reflexes such as tension, relaxation reflex.

Recovery index:

Measures your ability to recover to physical condition associated with best mental functions and performance.

The App will guide you through exercises and collect the results for you for analyse, all you have to do is start and stop when prompted to do so.


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