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How to use Desk Clinic


You can either use the Desk Clinic App to complete a confidential assessment, and receive advice and recommendations on how to deal with wellbeing issues and access to immediate self help.

Alternatively you can make an appointment 

Confidential assessment

  • One point of contact for referrals, appointment and administration
  • Confidential assessment, advice and Self help immediately available for your employees
  • Senior experiences practitioners Over 3000 clinical locations
  • No GP waiting or referral necessary
  • Reduces time off work waiting for appointments
  • Reduces employee absenteeism
  • Clear understandable clinical pathways and clinical outcomes

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your wellbeing. 

Real people, real stories

Back on the bike

Charlie uses our exercises and physio to help overcome hip and knee pain.

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Working from home stress

Vanessa was given the tools to deal with her issues and other challenges.

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Feeling generally unwell

I was guided to see my GP and a medical condition was easily solved.

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