London Ambulance

We have been providing comprehensive treatment plans and educating staff to better understand their bodies.

Helping London Ambulance staff get back to the work they love

We were asked to take over LAS’s physio provision in October 2010 and within 24 hours we had set up and implemented referrals from LAS Occupational Health Team

We are now an integrated service provision within LAS such that station officers and duty managers refer patients direct to us for appropriate management of their musculoskeletal conditions.

“Staff have been consistently outstanding and have successfully met ALL our criteria and we at the London Ambulance Service are proud to work in partnership with such a reputable and professional organisation. The staff are always courteous, considerate and friendly and incredibly knowledgeable in their field of expertise. To date the staff feedback I have received has been commendable and excellent, and individuals have often cited that they have felt listened to, positively encouraged to engage in their comprehensive treatment plans and also been educated to better understand how their bodies work.”

Staff Support, Counselling and Occupational Health Services Manager

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